The first thing everyone wants to know is what do we charge:

  • Labor: No Charge
  • Fuel and Transportation: No Charge unless load stated is falsified (If more than 100 miles away, please contact us for full details).
  • Televisions: Flat $20.00 each Over 32" $30.00 each
  • Projection/Plasma: $40.00 each
  • Console/Wood case TVs: Flat $40.00 each*
  • Monitors: $15.00 each*
  • Household Appliances: No charge (Any items with refrigerant will have a fee based on size as we get charged for safe disposal) so long as there is something else with them.
  • Tin and Plastic: No charge as long as there's something else with it.
  • Everything Else: No Charge (and by everything, we do mean anything with a power cord)

*CRT Disposal is by appointment only with the exception of our drop off points. Drop off points have the right to decline or charge a fee as they see fit for staging.

When it comes to electronic waste disposal, we do not charge a thing if we can help it. Through de-manufacturing, we are able to subsidize our costs so that we can offer no-charge pick up of electronic waste. Our competitors think we're crazy – that it can't be done. Yet we've found a way!

Now, some folks are concerned about whether or not the electronics have to be complete. CRTs need to not be smashed. No smashy smashy the CRT. Bad Monkey. Those have to be complete. Desktops towers and notebooks computers don't have to be complete, and it's common for our PC repair friends that are kind enough to be our drop off points to raid usable parts off the scrap (usually RAM chips). And if for some reason you're paranoid enough to not trust us with hard disk drive destruction, we understand. Just make sure to leave us some high grade board somewhere in the load, because that is how we subsidize our costs and pass on the savings to you.

Please Note: If you intentionally and egregiously exaggerate the size or quality of the load, a labor and mileage fee will be applied. We don't mind doing small loads, we just don't want to do small loads with big trucks. Prices subject to change without notice depending on whether or not you piss off the owner. Wisconsin is a Right to Refuse Service state, a right that we reserve only for those who try to jack us over. Well, and that one guy down near Bagley. You know who you are.