Robert J. Kehoe is the founder of Three Wise Guys and has several mutant super powers in the form of a resistance to high voltage and dangerous chemicals. While the doctors are still trying to figure out this medical mystery, Robert's goals are ones of world domination and American re-invigoration through the electronic waste recycling. This company is a passion for him that he bring each and every day to the office that is his little red rust bucket. Also known as a Dodge Dakota. 


The only woman on Earth that can keep Rob grounded when not hooked to a tesla coil, his wife Sue has an insatiable appetite for demanufacturing electronics. With her hand screwdrivers, she can out-scrap anyone. Her blackbelt in Karate only makes her more dangerous.


Another member of our esteemed support personnel, Captain Richard W. Kendall is a man of exceptional quality. Having fought on the front lines of The Battle of Undead Server of 2009, the Captains skills were of invaluable use. His ability to field test various models of laptops during his tours abroad (and miraculously surviving the resulting explosions) his survival capabilities make a green beret look like a preschooler in the art of computing. His help with logistics and his "Special" way of dealing with end of life computers ensures hilarity and guaranteed annihilation (As long as our insurance premiums don't sky rocket again, we're good.)


Nathan Gibson is a man of many hats - Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Human Forklift - to name a few. A bit of a nerd of all trades, Nathan's experience in multimedia, graphics, and web design as well as knowing which end of a screwdriver to use makes him an invaluable asset to the company - which may get him tazed if he doesn't stop being insufferable about it to his co-workers.

A big guy with a big heart. And a big hammer for a big server that's in desperate need of an extreme beat down. Wes may sound like royalty, however he's is great when it comes to customer service, able to break things down in layman's terms and make a server explode with the end of a 16 lb sledgehammer. His calm demeanor while sending a computer into the dark eternal provides a little extra wholesomeness while showing these evil computers who's boss.