Are you looking for a way to get rid of your old, outdated, unwanted electronics?

Got old systems that you've tried to sell but they've obsoleted so quick that you can't give them away?

Are you busy doing an upgrade and just want to tear your hair out because you don't have a place to put all the junk your company has acquired over the course of what seems like eternity? 

Have you contacted other recyclers and gotten an unnecessary, condescending attitude just for asking simple questions?

Here at 3 Wise Guys E-Waste Management, we've been there. We've seen all sides of the recycling industry, from being customers to end of line and the last thing anyone needs is to ever feel like they're doing something wrong, when they're just trying to recycle. Sure, things happen, people make mistakes. But if you want to be educated, as well as empowered, we'll gladly avail ourselves and our combined 30+ years of experience to you. You've already taken the first step to doing better not only for yourselves, but for everyone else as well. Being environmentally responsible doesn't mean you have to go full tilt. Little steps make a BIG DIFFERENCE. For all loads, big or small, we can handle them all. 

Unlike our competition, we offer free pickup of in all of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. See the what we do we charge section for details. 

Give us a call at 608-379-0956 or email us here at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don't spend another moment looking at the pile and seriously questioning yourself. You've got this and when we pick up for you, you can rest assured that 3 Wise Guys has you covered.