As some of you may be aware, there currently is an outbreak of COVID-19 and it is impacting many people worldwide. Here at 3 Wise Guys E-Waste Management our clients health, safety and well being is the most important thing. We're still offering pickup for our drop off points, as well as to businesses, schools and individuals as applicable. Recycling is important and it means a lot to us to be of service. Yet it is more important to us that you stay safe during this particular time. If you have items you'd like to have recycled, please free to give us a call or send us an email. If you'd rather wait until after things settle down a bit, that is perfectly fine too. Some of our drop off points may be closed for a short time so be sure to check in and see if they are open, and don't be afraid to ask how they're doing. This is more than a business where we pick stuff up and haul it away, it's also an opportunity to be personable.

If you think you or someone has made contact with you who has COVID-19, please refrain from recycling anything at this time. Your health and well being are more important than electronic recycling. Electronics come and go, and there's always an opportunity when you're feeling better to let us trash it, The Right Way!